“Go back to where you came from”…

So my family is foreign. And that gives some Americans the superiority complex to tell us that we are not welcome in this country. It's a curious misnomer. "Land of the free, home of the brave", the "Melting pot", the "American Dream", the "Land of opportunity", etc... It's supposedly a country where people can come and make a new life for themselves.


A “Good Writer”

What does it mean to be "a good writer"? I'm not quite sure... Does it mean one has good grammar? Does it mean one uses interesting words that most people have forgotten? Or does it mean they can drag the reader into the words, show them from the inside out what the writer was feeling?

Apparently, I’m Scared of Living… Gotta get over that one.

So when I am faced with a situation of "should I do this thing that might be amazing", more often than not I choose not to. And I just realized - 30 minutes ago by now - that I do it because I'm scared of that adrenaline rush. I'm not used to feeling that kind of wild happiness, that feeling of life flowing through me. I portion off my life so that I'm never faced with too many challenges at once, too much emotion or feeling. And now that I've recognized that, I'm even more scared of missing out of life due to subconscious fears of "feeling too much".

Tzigan of Sparta… Yes, that’s his AKC registered name.

So I crave dogs. It's a thing I'm dealing with, and apparently not that well. I'm especially besotted with German Shepherds. My mother had GSD's growing up, as an adult, and when I was a baby. I grew up wanting a dog so badly, but we didn't get one until I was 18. Then our pup became my life. This post is a bit of a tribute to my extreme obsession with my dog, still a puppy at 3 years old.