Who doesn’t like adventuring? Show me that person and i’ll show you a probable liar. I’m not the most adventurist person in the world. I don’t go rock climbing on the weekends, or skydiving over spring break. I don’t go on a hike every other day… possibly because I don’t have a car and it’s hard to get around without one. But, while I may not be a crazy balls-off-the-wall adventurer, I love to get out and about.

I love hiking with my German Shepherd, Tzigan. I love exploring new places and finding new swimming holes. Now that the end of college is in sight, I plan on doing a lot more exploring when I move back home to Central Oregon. Every summer my mum and I hit the road and try to go somewhere we’ve never been before.

In the summer of 2014 we headed off to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, a trip I will never forget and long to repeat. The sharp, rocky crags of the Grand Tetons make me want to change into an eagle and explore them closer up, play in the wind currents and look down at the beauty nestled between those peaks. Yellowstone – while smelling like rotten eggs at times – is a true gem. Having studied wildlife conservation for the last 4 years, I have insane appreciation for it as a wildlife refuge, a geologic wonder, and an incredible part of conservation history in this country. Getting to see it in person was such a privilege and I would love to go back someday and spend longer hiking in the back-country, wandering through the aspen groves I have read so much about, and searching for a distant view of a wolf or a moose.

In 2015 we went north up to the Olympic National Park, one of the wettest places in the US. We explored various sights she had read about in travel books, even doing the killer hike up to Hurricane Ridge, where we could look one way and see endless mountains, and turn around and see Canada off the other edge of the mountain. We took ferries all over the place, kayaking around the San Juan Islands, spending a couple nights in Victoria, B.C., frolicking in Butchart Gardens for a day, and even seeing the place where Twilight is set… Can you say “small town” any louder?

The summer of 2016 saw me working not far from La Grande collaring bobcats for a study on predator dispersal and abundance. When she picked me up at the end of my internship, we took the opportunity to take a look around the NW corner of Oregon.

While it is dry as a bone in some places, we came across the Eagle Cap Wilderness and Wallowa Mountains. I now want to go and live there forever, just turn into a bobcat myself and hunt snowshoe hares in one of the most beautiful glacier-carved valleys I have ever seen. I hope to go back with friends this summer and get to explore those mountains properly.

In 2016, my mom and I also had our first intense backpacking trip on the Pacific Crest Trail. I fell in love with skinny-dipping in snowmelt fed lakes, wandering along trails through endless wildflowers, and sleeping at night while hearing crickets chirp and seeing the stars more brightly than ever before. We plan to do a portion of the PCT in WA towards the end of 2017.

When we got back from our backpacking trip, we decided a nice relaxing time at the beach was exactly what we needed. So we headed off to Otter Crest just north of Newport and spent a week watching storms roll in, saying hi to the sea lions at the harbour, and observing seals from a distance with their new pups. I got to play with raindrop photography and my big sister visited for a while from her home in San Fransisco.

So this blog is not only to indulge in my extreme liking of food, but also to showcase my adventures and photo abilities 🙂 In the future I will be writing full posts about my new adventures. But I still wanted to showcase my past adventures, and so they’ll stay here.