Just a 21 year old girl in Oregon figuring out this whole life thing and writing it all down. Well, not all of it… Just some of the most awesome bits. Not really sure where life will lead me, but I always remember, “not all those who wander are lost”.

Graduate of Oregon State University, Class of 2017. Fisheries & Wildlife Major, specialization in Predator/Prey Interactions and Predator/Livestock Conflict Mitigation. I plan to eventually go to Grad school, possibly for Rangeland science, Wildlife science, or even a mixed degree of Cultural Anthropology and Ecotourism.

At the moment I’m planning on taking a break from school for a bit, trying some relaxation, anticipating traveling and working on some strange future plans. I’m hoping to go into the Peace Corps in about a year or so, maybe in South America, maybe somewhere in Africa…