Goodbye Corvallis

It’s a well known cliche that “the friends you make in college will last a lifetime”… We’ve all heard it, and yet somehow that phrase didn’t hit home for me until today. So it’s not really Corvallis I’m saying goodbye to. It’s the friend’s I’ve met here, and one in particular that left today.

Today, my best friend moved home for good. We’ll never live in the same house again. We’ll never live in the same room again, or just a few steps away from each other. She’ll never mooch off my food, or keep me company while I wash dishes. We’ll never again stay up until 4 am doing crazy things like dumpster diving, looking for gnomes to steal, stargazing, or watching Twilight movies back to back while making snide comments about the acting (or lack thereof). Sure, neither of us is dead, so we may do those things again someday… But its never going to be quite the same.

I knew this was coming. All week we’ve both avoided mentioning our impending separation… We’ve both known that this day would hurt, that it was the last few days of an era of no parents, of freedom to act like crazy college kids, to be close and be together. But knowing it’s going to happen, and realizing it’s actually happened are two different things. We’ve had our ups and down, we’ve argued and fought, we’ve not always been good friends to each other… But we’ve always loved each other like crazy.

For 3 years we’ve been closer than any friendship I’ve ever had. It’s different from childhood friendships… that’s a different kind of close. But this one has seen us through the transition from teenager to adult. From silly high schoolers to graduated college students. We’ve had to grow up a lot, we’ve had to change and become the kind-of adults we are now. And we were there for it all, for each other, for the hard times and the good. That’s something incredibly special I will never forget. It has been the experience of a lifetime, the friendship of a lifetime. And as hard as separation from family and pets was for these years of college, I have a feeling that this separation is going to be so much harder.

So Lydia, this is to you. You have held me up when I’ve felt like my world was falling apart. You’ve been there when I’ve been broken inside. You have been my rock when I couldn’t handle my own life. You have listened when I’ve needed to vent, or explain my complicated relationship with my family, or cry. You have been my person. You are the Meredith to my Christina. And even though it’s only been a few hours apart, I miss you like crazy already. To be cliche, the sun has set on our college days…

I love you. I miss you. And if I have anything to do with it I’ll be seeing you soon.


*Photo credits to a variety of people: Lydia, Kailey, Josh, & Tina


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