The 5-day Cauliflower Challenge

As I am the food-adventurous type, I decided to make a little challenge for myself. I have so many great cauliflower recipes saved and waiting to try, I've decided to try as many as I can before getting bored or cauliflowered-out.


“Go back to where you came from”…

So my family is foreign. And that gives some Americans the superiority complex to tell us that we are not welcome in this country. It's a curious misnomer. "Land of the free, home of the brave", the "Melting pot", the "American Dream", the "Land of opportunity", etc... It's supposedly a country where people can come and make a new life for themselves.

How I fell in love with the PCV Mission

That was where it turned from a "I want this for me" to a "I need to do this for others" feeling. And that's when I knew it was something I not only wanted to do, or could handle, but I needed to do it to give back to the world. I needed to use my skills and body and vigor to provide a service to others who needed it. I needed to learn how to give to others, to give myself and everything I am to other people, to help them.

A “Good Writer”

What does it mean to be "a good writer"? I'm not quite sure... Does it mean one has good grammar? Does it mean one uses interesting words that most people have forgotten? Or does it mean they can drag the reader into the words, show them from the inside out what the writer was feeling?